Thief's stumble caught on camera

A brazen crime in broad daylight ended with an embarrassing moment for the thief that was caught on camera. The female thief stole two packages from right outside the front door of a Las Vegas home. A security camera captured video of the woman walking up to grab the packages. But as the thief walked away, she tripped and fell on the front walkway.

The homeowner said the most valuable item that was taken was a Minnesota Wild hockey jersey.  He said the packages were delivered in the middle of the afternoon. And within an hour, they were stolen.

The victim also said he's surprised by what happened, considering that the neighborhood has regular security patrols, and many homes in the area have security cameras.

As for the thief's stumble while trying to get away, he said "I would never want to wish ill upon anybody, but it certainly made it a lot more entertaining than just somebody coming and going to watch her go over like that."