Thief strikes as sisters mourn at mother's grave

Two sisters are heartbroken after a theft at a local cemetery.

Sandra Rogers and Becky Picker said someone stole their purses and other valuables Tuesday afternoon as they decorated their mother's grave at Fairview Memorial Gardens in Stockbridge.

The two said one of the purses belonged to their late mother, Virginia Evans, and included her identification card, Social Security card and bank card, among other items. Rogers said she has worn her mother's purse since she died last year after an illness.

"Now I feel like I can't mourn the way I want to without being afraid," Rogers said. "The purse wasn't much of anything, just a handbag, but it belonged to my mama."

The sisters said the thief has their information, but if the person doesn't want to contact to them, they're urging the individual to; at least, return the items to their mother's grave.