Thief stealing Hapeville's butterfly statues

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Butterflies are not free in Hapeville.  At least not if you are the thief that has been stealing the city’s butterfly sculptures.  But Hapeville Police are willing to forgive and forget if the butterfly artwork is returned by Wednesday.

These painted butterflies are all over Hapeville, part of a main street art project. Someone is apparently a big fan and has been stealing them. The thief has until Wednesday to bring them back.

“The butterflies are really what started a lot of this and they mean a lot to us,” said City Council Member Travis Horsley.

Four of the butterflies are missing. From looking at the evidence left behind, they might even have been damaged by the thieves that took them. 

Hapeville Police say they have video, but they are will to forgive and forget if the butterflies are returned by 10 a.m. on Wednesday.

“I think it’s a nice gesture. We have no idea who stole them yet. They have some video footage. I believe their detectives are hard on the case as well,” Horsley said.

The butterflies have been painted by residents and various civic groups and have themes. They were donated by a nonprofit group. You can find them on lamp posts and gardens throughout the city.

The four that are missing are conspicuously absent in the business district on Main Street.