Theft at SW Atlanta car dealership

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A pair of thieves hit a southwest Atlanta car dealership early Thursday morning. They were after one thing in particular, but the duo couldn't find it.

One of the two men threw a brick through the front door. They were in here for more than an hour, which makes the owner believe they were looking for keys to a particular car.

"You're going to see them smash the window and its like they just ran off, they come back thirty minutes later," said CK Auto Brokers Owner Kerry Powell

Surveillance cameras capture the two thieves in action. Powell says the men grabbed cash, a 9mm handgun, but it was the keys they were after. They grab a bowl of keys and head out to the lot.

"We believe they were going through the keys trying to find which key goes to which car and we're assuming they keys that didn't crank up the car they just threw them out somewhere," said Powell.

Powell says no cars came off the lot, and they have found several of the keys scattered around the property. He says the car he believes the thieves wanted, wasn't on the lot that morning.

He says the guys didn't get away with much, but they sure cost him a lot of money due to the damage they left behind.

"I can't contribute to my customers how I would like to. I got emissions testing business outside as well, I can't do emissions right now so I'm losing money on top of money to clean up this big mess these people made this morning," said Powell.

If you recognize the men in the video, call Atlanta police.