The pink Trap house is back, with a holiday twist

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The pink TRAP house that attracted a lot of attention in Atlanta this past summer is back.  This time the pink TRAP house has a holiday twist. 

The house, along with a pink car, is the highlight of Trap Wonderland.  Atlanta rapper 2Chainz says the house is special to him and he wanted to share it with the community.  "It's been a staple for me, almost like a good luck charm, so I wanted to rebirth it around the holidays and use some of the contributions we get here to give back to the community," said 2Chainz.

During the summer 2Chainz rented a house on Howell Mill Road for a private listening party for his new album.  It was hot pink with the word "TRAP" on the front.  Just as that house attracted hundreds of people a day to snap a selfie or get a glimpse of it, the TRAP Wonderland is also attracting a crowd. 

Charles Hines and his daughter Trinity Jackson were in the crowd wearing dabbing Santa sweaters. "I got a text from my daughter saying she wanted to go to the TRAP house, I said 'let's go,' we got our sweaters on and came right down," said Hines.

Sonya Young says she missed the original pink TRAP house and wanted to make sure she saw this one. "I just think it's a really cool idea to bring people out," said Young.

Next door to the pink house there are activities for kids, bright lights, a tree, and plenty of music. 2Chainz says it was important to him to make sure TRAP Wonderland would be a place for the whole family. "I have a family, this is family time, we should show togetherness," said 2Chainz.

TRAP Wonderland is set up in the parking lot of  Street Execs on Defoor Place.  It's the management agency for 2Chainz and other artists.  The display will be open most days through Christmas.