The Halsteads: A House Divided

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Things can be a bit interesting when you two teams you like are facing each other. A perfect example of that was this past Sunday as Tripp Halstead's house became a house divided.

Tripp's mother Stacy posted a Monday morning quarterback report on the watch party:

"Yesterday was a day of decisions. Do I cheer for my Carolina Panthers since I was born and raised in NC? Or do I cheer for my Atlanta Falcons because I live there now and Tripp was born in GA?? I chose both! Lol"

She posted several photos of Tripp and his family in their various Falcons and Panthers gear. The Falcons went on to trample the Panthers' perfect season.

In Stacy also shared her concerns over Tripp's upcoming hip surgery at the end of January.

The post came a day after Stacy shared exciting news that “Tripp had one of his best days ever.”

Last week, we learned Tripp will undergo spine surgery in April. It will be a three hour surgery that will require Tripp to recover in the hospital for one week and another six weeks at home.

Tripp was critically injured when a tree limb fell on him outside his Winder day care center and spent months recovering in the hospital.

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