The desperate plea from Forsyth County's sheriff

When it comes to drunk drivers Forsyth County Sheriff Ron Freeman does not mince words.

“There is no such thing as a warning in Forsyth County. I don’t want you to drink and drive. I don’t want you to go to jail. I don’t want you to lose your license. But if you don’t listen to me and you do it in Forsyth County, you will go to jail,” said Sheriff Freeman.

His message follows three DUI crashes involving law enforcement officers in Forsyth County in the last six weeks.

The most serious occurred on this stretch Georgia 400 northbound near Majors Road last week where Deputy Rod Reeves had completed a traffic stop and was given a lookout for a suspected drunk driver.

“He found him but not in the way we wanted to find him. That suspected drunk driver found the rear end of his Dodge Charger at greater than 80 miles an hour,” said Sheriff Freeman.

He said the horrific crash severely injured Deputy Reeves who only six months ago joined the Sheriff’s Office from Sandy Springs Police.

The sheriff said Deputy Reeves has numerous broken bones and has already undergone significant orthopedic surgery.

“We’re very, very blessed that he is still here to be able to recover because in most cases with an impact. My 30 years’ experience tells me people don’t survive that crash,” said Sheriff Freeman.

The driver involved in the crash, 27-year-old Aaron Russell, was jailed after being treated for injuries.

Sheriff Freeman told FOX 5 News the incident is among an average of 60 DUI arrests a month in Forsyth County, one of the most affluent in the state and fastest growing.

“If we’re catching 60 a month on average how many are actually out there,” said Sheriff Freeman.

He said during the holiday season, traffic enforcement officers will be doubled and tripled in Forsyth County.

“If you come and drink and drive it is not worth it. This is not because we want to write a bunch of tickets this is because we want to see people live,” said Sheriff Freeman.

The Sheriff said Deputy Reeves and his family happily celebrated his wedding anniversary days after the crash.

The Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office plans to hold a fundraiser for Deputy Reeves and anyone can donate at