The 7 best plants to repel mosquitos

We can all relate to pesky mosquitos invading even our most memorable summer nights. Swatting at legs and arms, these flying fiends can make it challenging to enjoy the great outdoors. But what if your own garden plants could help protect you from our buggy friends?

After turning to torches, candles and oils to keep mosquitos at bay, now you can reimagine your garden to include plants with natural mosquito-repelling qualities.

Growing an herb garden is a fun summer treat, but did you know that several of the fresh herbs you grow on your deck or patio naturally repel mosquitos?

Basil:  proactively repels mosquitos

Mint: mosquitos find this herb less than refreshing

Lemon Thyme: Lemony scent given off is troublesome for mosquitos

Rosemary: scent alone has those pesky friends flying in the other direction

Marigolds: mosquitos dislike the pungent plant scent

Ageratum: the little blue flower secretes a chemical used in many mosquito repellants

Chrysanthemums: all of them are excellent in keeping mosquitos at bay and also repel other insects that may be harmful to your garden

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