Texas wedding bouquet toss ends with elderly woman being pushed to the ground

No person is safe when it comes time to catch the bouquet – not even the elderly.

A video posted on Instagram shows an elderly woman being shoved by a group of women during the bouquet toss ceremony at a Texas wedding reception.

“Sorry about ya Grammy,” Lauren Turner captioned the video she posted on Sunday. She also included the hashtag “it wasn’t me.”

Turner is seen catching the bouquet and then celebrating, completely unaware that the older woman had been knocked down to one knee. The other women standing nearby were able to catch her before she completely fell to the ground.

The video was met with both laughter and shock from Instagram users.

“LAUREN OH MY GOD,” an apparent friend commented.

One Instagram user jokingly called the incident “horrible,” while another pointed out that the elderly woman “fell in slow motion.”

Seemingly agreeing that Turner was not to blame for the woman’s fall, someone wrote, “Okay but the other girl totally ran into her.”

“I can’t tell you how many times I have rewatched this!” another person commented.

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