Teen's dancing shoes stolen by thieves

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A young dancer's next competition may be in jeopardy after thieves stole his dancing shoes.  

When Max Moscaliov takes the dance floor, he shines.  The 15-year-old is a highly competitive ballroom dancer, competing and winning at the national level.  But now he doesn't know if he'll make it to the next competition.  His costume and dancing shoes were stolen out of the family car parked in front of their Candler Park home. 

Max's mom discovered the vehicle had been ransacked early Monday morning. 

"The glove compartment is open, everything is out. All his dance costumes that are very very important to him," said Elena Volkova.

The costume and all the accessories are worth more than $2000.  Aside from the cost, the costume was tailor-made just for Max. 

"It's gotta be custom stitched to every single length on your body," said Moscaliov.

His mom says you can't just order another one online.  It takes months to sew to Max's specific measurements.  His shoes were also specially ordered. 

"Two pairs of shoes specifically made for dancing, one pair was from Russia another was made in Great Britian," said Volkova. 

Without the outfit, Max can't compete.

"The kids worked so hard to prepare for the season and the competitions and now he doesn't have that outfit to dance in and he might not even dance in the next competition in a few weeks," said Volkova.

Max is hoping whoever stole the items will realize this is something special to him and will give it back. 

"Please give it back, somehow.  Put it on the doorstep and just leave, I need it," said Max.