Teens charged with taking baby from Douglas County home

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Jennifer Brown feared the worst she learned two foster kids had disappeared from their Douglasville home Saturday, taking her 6-month-old son Ashton along for the ride.

“The girls don’t quite understand how serious this could’ve turned out and they’re lucky it’s not worse,” Brown told FOX 5’s Deidra Dukes.

The girls, 15 and 16, appeared in juvenile court Monday, charged with interference with custody. Brown and friend Teresa Lee left Ashton and his brothers at Lee’s Douglasville home Saturday afternoon.  The Lees are foster parents. Lee’s husband and their foster kids remained behind. The women were doing yard work at another residence when Lee’s husband called and told them the girls and the baby were gone.

“The two young girls asked if they could hold the baby on the porch and he told them yes, but stay on the porch and he was checking on them like every 5 minutes and after 15 minutes of checking they were gone”, said Lee.

Lee’s husband tracked the girls and little Ashton down in Lithia Springs about an hour later.

“They had evidently called an Uber, and got in an Uber to go over there, and they had taken a 6-month-old baby with them without a car seat.”

Ashton is now back home safe. Brown wants the ride-share driver, who they said worked for Uber, charged too. They’re upset the unidentified man picked up the girls, who were clearly underage, and transported the baby without a car seat.

Brown said, “We’re contacting Uber to try and figure out who this person is.”