Teens assaulted, robbed woman at Buckhead luxury apartment

Atlanta police say teenagers as young as 13 assaulted and robbed an Atlanta woman in a Buckhead parking deck.

It happened at dinnertime Thursday evening.

At the luxury residential complex, the deck has secured access. But the boys, ranging in age from 13 to 15, were able to get inside the property.

The woman saw that she was being watched, said a friend who was waiting for the victim to come down a garage elevator.

That friend said the teens surrounded the woman, who was toting a designer handbag. They started making demands.

"Initially, she said 'no,'" the friend recalled. "They became physical and she realized the best thing to do was to give in"

The friend moments later, saw her come out of the elevator, shouting she had just been robbed.

The friends spotted teens walking away from the garage. Those boys took off.

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The friend, who is a senior, got out of his vehicle and ran after them.

Officers in the area saw the pursuit, joined in, and caught up to the boys a short distance away.

The teens were transported to the juvenile detention complex.