Teen rideshare service launches in Atlanta

A brand new rideshare service targeting teens and busy parents is up and running nationwide but it all started right here in Atlanta.

"I was struggling to find the time between my full-time job and getting my kids where they needed to be especially with all the traffic in Atlanta," Autter co-founder Kim Crocker said.

Crocker said it was those moments that she realized other parents must be in the same boat.

"I knew I couldn't be the only one in this situation," Crocker said.

So Crocker came up with Autter, a transportation service for teens only.

"We are here to help busy parents or outnumbered parents," Crocker said.

Autter's number one priority, Crocker said, is safety.

"We not only do frequent and extensive background checks, but we also meet with potential drivers in person and get to know them," Crocker said. "We also follow up on background checks every few days so we are aware if something happens very quickly."

For more information on Autter visit autterride.com.