Teen reels in massive sturgeon on lake in Pine County, Minnesota

A Minnesota teen caught a massive sturgeon over the weekend in Pine County.

A family from North Branch, Minnesota had the catch of a lifetime Sunday.

It all happened at a lake in the Pine City area.

“As soon as I seen this monster roll through the hole, it was like ‘urg,’ that’s a big one,” said fisherman Dan Hirsch.

That monster was a giant sturgeon he and his two kids caught.

“I was surprised, very surprised,” said 9-year-old Danielle Hirsch. 

“She handed it to me because it was too big for her,” said 16-year-old Harley Hirsch, her brother. 

That started the more than hour-long battle to get the sturgeon to the surface.

“It was quite a fight. I was unsure if the ice was going to cut the line or not. It was definitely a powerful fish," Harley said. 

When they finally pulled it out from under the ice, it measured in at 72 inches.

“I said, ‘we gotta get pictures of this.’ I said, ‘hold that thing up and he’s like, ‘ug hold that thing up,’” Dan said. 

After snapping the pic, they sent the monster back through the hole.

“I’ve never caught a fish as big as he has. So now he’s got dad beat, so now I really got some work ahead of me,” Dan said.

Like any good angler, the Hirsch family is keeping the location of their honey hole a secret.