Teen pulls gun during car burglaries

A disturbing scene caught by home surveillance video has Henry County police searching for four teens they believe are armed and dangerous.

The video shows the teens jumping out of a vehicle and breaking into neighborhood cars, but what scares residents and greatly concerns police is one of those teens is seen pointing a handgun at the front door of a home.

The Cross family is thankful they did not hear the teens breaking into the cars because if they had, they would have walked outside, a move that could have cost them their life.

“It was very scary” was Rita Cross’ reaction when her husband Willie showed her the security footage of the incident. Cross said she could not believe what she saw.

It happened last Wednesday at 4:30 a.m. A car pulled up to their home. Two teens, a male and a female run onto the property, jiggling the handles on the cars and then a third teen walks up, this one with a firearm, who police said was keeping guard.

By the time the fourth teen walks up, police said the other teens had already got into a car, rummaged through it, and took off with what they could find.

Willie said seeing the teen with the gun is what disturbed him.

“He appeared to be in a situation where he was willing to use the weapon. Somebody could have been hurt, if not here somewhere else,” said Willie Cross.

Rita cannot get over how young the thieves are.

“They're babies, they're babies. Why are they doing this?” Rita Cross asked.

Henry County Police Captain Joey Smith said the teens could be involved in three other car break-ins in surrounding neighborhoods.

“They were close in proximity, close in date, similar hours so we're hoping their connected,” said Smith.

Police consider the teens dangerous and warn people not to confront them.

Rita's just glad her daughters did not hear anything, look out the window or walk outside.

“They could have cost somebody their life and my daughter, her window, she could have made a sudden move and she might not be here with us today,” said Rita Cross.