Teen gifted second car after his first car was totaled in hit-and-run

A high school senior is grateful after receiving a car to drive back and forth to work.

If the name Jayden Sutton sounds familiar, it’s because we shared his story a few months ago after he was first surprised with a car.

It was thanks to the hard work and fundraising efforts of Lavonda Wright who learned the senior walked miles after school to work no matter the weather.

"It was almost like a dark cloud over me. I just didn’t see any hope," Jayden Sutton said.

A few months after the story aired it was like someone pressed the brakes on Jayden’s Happiness.

"It was just a regular day and I got into a really bad car accident and I ended up on the wrong side of the road. The person that hit me had ran away from the scene and the car was totaled. I was back walking to work," Sutton said. "I was almost depressed and in a bad mood a lot. It was just tough for me at that time."

There’s a common saying that "lightning never strikes the same place twice" but thanks to the Kelly Clarkston show and the company CarLotz there’s good news.

Jayden was gifted a new car, once again.

"I started crying. I didn’t have the right words to say thank you. I am still so excited. Just being so grateful that someone that doesn’t know me or never met me would gift me a new car. It’s like a weight lifted up," Sutton said.

As if that wasn’t enough CarLotz gave Jayden a $10,000 check to put towards college.

"The college that I’m going to is giving me a $20,000 academic scholarship so having the additional $10,000 is just mind-blowing. I’m so excited and I’m ready to go to college," Sutton said.

Through it all Jayden wants others to never give up hope.  

"I would say my story is a roller-coaster. A whole bunch of ups and a whole bunch of downs but in the end it’s just going to be a good ride," Sutton said.

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