Teen felon flees two days before sentence begins

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It is clear 17-year-old Yosif Elhmadi never intended to show up at the DeKalb County Monday at 9 a.m. He supposed to start serving his sentence for armed robbery and aggravated assault, but sources said the convicted felon cut off his ankle monitor and took off Saturday.

“Where's the justice? He's supposed to be in jail and he's out! Gone,” said the father of one of Elhmadi's carjacking victims. “It makes me feel nervous.”

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The father, who asked FOX 5 News not to reveal his identity, said his 21-year-old son is one of two men Elhmadi robbed at gunpoint during on March 26, 2016 in a DeKalb County apartment complex on Ridgecreek Drive. DeKalb County police said Elhmadi and another gunman stole the victim’s BMW, iPhone, camera, wallet and cash.

“My son was in fear. You never know what someone is going to do when they point a gun at your head. This was hard for him,” the Stone Mountain homeowner said.

Last Monday, Superior Court Judge J.P. Boulee accepted Elhmadi’s guilty plea and sentenced the 17-year-old to 20 years with 15 to serve. Elhmadi was already out on a $50,000 dollar bond, but Judge Boulee gave the teen another week to surrender.

“All I want to know is why was he allowed to leave? Why wasn't he directly sent to jail where he belonged,” the father asked.

Bruner tried to pose that question to Judge Boulee, but his staff said he could not comment on the case since it could come back before the superior court.

Bruner also tried to get answers from the convicted felons’ family at the DeKalb County home where Elhmadi spent the last week under house arrest.

“He’s been down in a room in the basement the whole time. The last I saw him was Friday,” said a man who declined to identify himself. When asked if he wanted to make an appeal to the convict, he would only say, “He did what he did. That’s on him. The police will have to take care of it.”

Elhmadi was arrested and booked on his 17th birthday on April 13, 2016. Authorities said he had until 9 p.m. Monday to surrender. Now, at least one of his victims wonders if justice will ever be served.

“He put a gun on my son’ head, now we have to wonder will he come back for us. He took my son’s wallet and could still have our address. So yes, we are scared. He should be in jail. He’s not and that ain’t right,” the frustrated father said. “I hadn't even heard this before you called us.”

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