Teen Driver Shot after Road Rage Incident

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A teenager has a hole in his thigh after being shot over a road rage incident.

The 17-year old high school student said he got angry when a group of men cut him off with no turn signal on Douglas Boulevard Friday night. Douglasville Police said the teen yelled profanity at the driver. That's when the motorist invited the teen to pull over so they could settle the score.

Police said the two cars rolled up in the parking lot of Monterey's Mexican Restaurant. The victim said when he got out of the car prepared for a fight, he heard three shots. That's when the teen jumped in his car and took off, not even realizing he had been shot. The teen was later transported to a local hospital.

Police said they are looking for three suspects and a driver who were in a dark colored SUV.

If you have any information, there is a reward in the road rage case.