Teen credits life to faith, fast medical response after pumpkin slingshot backfire

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Jacob Stevens, 16, knows how close he came to a life-changing or possibly life-ending moment last month. Stevens was using a homemade pumpkin launcher at his church's fall festival, when the device recoiled, slamming a pumpkin directly into his chest. 

What resulted was days in intensive care, and moments of time he can't remember. 

"I was pretty much dead on that night," Stevens told FOX 5 in his first media interview following the accident. 

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In the days since, he credits a team of quick-thinking emergency crews and doctors, as well as his faith, for a fast recovery. "We thought I would be in the hospital for at least two months," he said. "Now I am able to walk, move around and I've been really good," Stevens added. 

Jacob's home is filled with cards, photographs, balloon, and well wishes. His friends even signed a plastic pumpkin with notes of light-hearted well-wishes for his recovery. Jacob says he hopes to return to the church festival next year, with a more low-key outcome. 

The church continues a fundraising effort for his ongoing medical expenses. If you are interested in donating, follow this link.