Ted Cruz confronted for attending NRA convention same week of Texas school shooting

A protester was caught on camera confronting Texas Senator Ted Cruz in Houston about the recent massacre at a Uvalde elementary school that claimed the lives of 19 children, and two teachers. 

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According to a press release, Benjamin Hernandez, a board member of Indivisible Houston, was at Uptown Sushi on Westheimer, where Cruz happened to also be dining sometime Friday. 

Video of their exchange initially shows the two posing for a photo when Hernandez begins asking Cruz about his decision to attend the NRA Convention at the George R. Brown Convention that weekend. Additionally, he asks the senator about making gun laws stricter. 

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Cruz appears to try and explain but the two end up talking over one another and security personnel attempt to pull Hernandez away. As the protester is escorted, he shouts out to Cruz, "19 children died…that is on your hands."

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In a press statement, Hernandez argued the importance of holding lawmakers accountable for their actions. 

"He needs to be held accountable," Hernandez said. "For him to attend the NRA Convention [Friday] after the murder of 19 kids and two teachers in Uvalde three days ago, and the murder of ten people just for being Black 10 days ago in Buffalo, and to keep blocking gun reform measures, is embarrassing and tragic."

" It has been long been time for basic, common sense gun reform measures in this country," he continued. "This can’t keep happening. Shame on Ted Cruz." 

Cruz was one of several notable attendees at the NRA Convention, including former president Donald Trump, who headlined Friday. 

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Other important guests like Governor Greg Abbott and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick who were initially slated to attend, ended up canceling. The governor, however, did deliver a message through a pre-recorded video. 

Hernandez was not the only one to protest the NRA convention. In fact, several demonstrators and counter-protesters clashed outside the convention center

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Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner noted earlier in the week the NRA Convention could not be canceled due to legal reasons but speaking to activists, he mentioned having the governor in attendance sent a strong message in and of itself. 

"When you think you're not effective let me tell you that you are because the governor is not coming to the NRA," Mayor Turner said. "The lieutenant governor is not coming to the NRA."