Teacher sentenced for having sex with student

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A former teacher will spend two years in prison for having sex with a student.

Corey Michael Sweat pled guilty to having sex with a student while he was a teacher at Chapel Hill High School in Douglas County, but Carroll County is where the sex took place; he would have her come to his home.

The crimes happened during the 2015-2016 school year. FOX 5 News learned when rumors started to surface Sweat simply got another job in another district and he taught there until he was indicted earlier this year. Following that visit- he resigned from that school as well.

"When the rumors and accusations started swirling, she initially denied it. She told me he made her appear to be a very crazy stalker person, again she was just victimized again," said Assistant District Attorney Anne Allen.

Allen said shortly after the rumors started Sweat resigned and went to work at West Forsyth High School. But the rumors didn't die. In October 2016, they came up again and a school resource officer notified the sheriff's office. The student spoke with Sgt. Jesse Hambrick.

"During that interview, she had information that would corroborate her story of what happened, nothing concrete but enough to have to continue the investigation," said Sgt. Hambrick.

Once the sheriff's office looked into it more, they learned the sex took place at sweats home in Carroll County and asked the sheriff's office there to step in. Investigators said Sweat had sex with the student on more than five occasions.

"A lot of people the first thing they ask is was it consent or not consent. There is no consent that's why the law is the way it in. Anytime someone has custodial authority over that other person, whether it be a jail setting, a teacher, someone who has authority over that person. There's too much pressures, too many things in play emotionally, that can’t be a consensual situation," said Allen.

The state wanted Sweat to be sentenced to 20 years with 8 to serve, but instead, a judge gave him 10 with 2 years to serve.

"Even though she was an older girl we know that at that age children don't like their parents so much, they don't trust their parents they rely on their teachers, respect their teachers and they see guidance, this man violated that," said Allen.

Allen said she was disappointed that several educators spoke on sweats behalf, asking that he only receive probation.

Sweat will remain here in Carroll County until he is taken to a state prison.

Sweat's attorney sent FOX 5 the following statement:

"Corey did not attempt to run away or avoid the situation he put himself in.  Instead, he accepted responsibility for his crime, showed genuine remorse, and asked God, the young girl, and her family for forgiveness.  He still prays for the people he hurt from his jail cell today. The State asked the Court to sentence Corey to 8 years in prison.  After the presentation of evidence, the Court found that justice would be served with a 2 year prison sentence followed by probation.  We are grateful that the Court took the time to weigh all of the factors in this case.  We are also thankful that this sentence will allow Corey to move into a new chapter in his life."