Taxi drivers stage noisy protest over ride-sharing

Local taxi cab drivers made some noise and a statement outside city hall Wednesday. They are angry because they say they have to follow rules, but Uber and Lyft drivers do not.

They feel like the ride-sharing drivers get special treatment by not having to play by the same rules, which is why they created quite the scene.

“We do all we can do, drive around and drive city capitol make sure our voices are heard, that simple,” said cab driver Issac Ada.

The drivers said this is how they are making sure they're being heard.

“We, taxi drivers, do one thing. Uber does some other things. The airport has tests they want us to get done, make sure we pay our fee before we pick up, and there should be no reason Uber can’t do something,” said Ada.

At the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport taxi stand, all their stories are the same. Another issue drivers brought up is when they pick up at the airport they have to pay the airport a fee, while they say Uber does not.

The drivers said they will keep this up until they are heard.