Taking Cyber Monday to a new level at Sandbox VR

People spend a lot of time in front of their computers on Cyber Monday. But you know what’s more fun than sitting at a screen staring into a virtual world? Jumping right into one!

This morning, we suited up and leapt into a new reality — a virtual one! — at Sandbox VR, the new full-body virtual reality entertainment experience which opened earlier in November at Atlanta’s The Interlock. And when we say, "suited up," we mean it: visitors to Sandbox VR strap on a headset, vest, backpack, and motion sensors before joining their friends in virtual worlds ranging from a mansion in the midst of a zombie apocalypse to a thrilling hunt for treasure on a haunted pirate ship.

All that equipment makes it possible for players (in groups of up to six) to interact with each other along with the virtual beings that inhabit each of the experiences. The physical Sandbox VR location at The Interlock features four rooms (they call them "holodecks") in which these groups can enter the virtual worlds, and players may choose from six different experiences. We mentioned the zombies and pirates, but there’s also a "Star Trek" experience built in partnership with CBS Interactive, and one in which players become aliens-fighting androids! 

The new Atlanta location is one of 30 Sandbox VR locations worldwide, by the way, and founders say their lineup of investors includes Justin Timberlake and Katy Perry. The Interlock is located at 1115 Howell Mill Road Northwest in Atlanta — for more information on Sandbox VR and to book an experience, click here.

Now, the truth is, describing a virtual reality experience is kind of tricky. It’s a lot easier to see it — so, click the video player in this article to check out our morning living out our "action movie dreams" at Sandbox VR Atlanta!