SUV-sized Radio Flyer drives streets of South Lakeland

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If you’re driving around South Lakeland and see a giant Radio Flyer wagon zipping down the street, you can be assured that Curtis Hutchinson is behind the wheel and having the time of his life.

Hutchinson got the idea to build the vehicle about 10 years ago when he saw the results of a friend’s brainstorm - a golf cart converted to look like the iconic red wagon.

Hutchinson took it a number of steps further.

“It’s 50s technology,” Hutchinson said. “It’s basically an old 50s hotrod.”

A hotrod that has a 350 engine and can go from zero to 90 miles an hour in seven seconds flat.

He drives it everywhere. His wife, Cathy has a few restrictions.

She doesn’t ride on sunny days because it is too hot and she definitely doesn’t like going to church in it.

“Because it is a convertible, your hair is standing on end,” she told FOX 13.

A mechanic built the frame, and Hutchinson finished it in his garage, building the body, installing the carpeting, and perfecting the paint job.

He invested $30,000.

It is definitely an eye-catcher when he hits the road.

“A lot of smiles, a lot of thumbs up, and a lot of pictures,” he said proudly.