Suspicious man tries to lure boy into truck in Coweta County

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Parents in Coweta County are on edge after Coweta County Sheriff's investigators issued a BOLO for a man who tried to lure a 13 year old boy into his truck. Detectives released a sketch of the man they're looking for Tuesday.

Authorities say the boy told them he was at Central Park soccer fields on Robinson Lake Road March 29th. It was about 6:30 in the evening when he says a man pulled up in a white truck and told him to get in the vehicle. The boy refused and said the man seemed angry but eventually drove off. The 13-year old said the truck had a lot of damage on the front passenger side.

“It certainly causes an alarm within the community” says Sgt. Jason Fetner who is working the case. “Why would you invite a strange child to your vehicle? The answer of course is you wouldn't,” says Fetner.

Parents say it's surprising that something like this would happen at Central Park. There's a Sheriff's precinct right at the edge of the park. However there are also a lot of kids. There are soccer fields, a playground and a library.

David Eidson was driving through the park with his family the day authorities released the sketch of the man. “Just got to be vigilant these days,” says Eidson. He has a 10-year old boy and says he has talked to him about what to do if a stranger approaches him. “He knows to yell, run away, don't get into anyone's vehicle and go to the closest place to get help,” says Eidson.

Glenda Duke says she's going to be keeping a closer eye on her grandchildren, while at the same time she'll be looking for the man in the sketch. “You never know when someone is going to snatch 'em up and they'll be gone in the blink of an eye,” says Duke.

Investigators say since putting the sketch of the guy they're looking for on the Sheriff's Office facebook page, they've gotten some good leads. They say now they're just hoping they find him before he approaches another kid.