Suspects steal 4 vehicles from Morrow dealership

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Police are searching for a group of car thieves that took off with some pricey rides from a Morrow dealership.

Officials say the crooks stole four different cars from Hennessy Buick GMC on Jonesboro Road in the early hours of Saturday, April 27.

Saturday, officials released new video of the heist that police hope will help them catch the suspects.

"They used a big rock of some sort and threw it though the back door of our used car building," General Manager Ricky Williams said.

Williams said the suspects did not appear to be professionals.

"These guys seem to be four amateurs that were in it for the thrill to see what they could get once they got inside," he said.

Once inside, the four men ransacked the sales office, eventually finding a set of keys. Surveillance footage shows the men running to the lot and trying to unlock various cars. 

"There were keys all over the lot that they had taken from the spare key thing and they just scattered them as they were falling out of their pockets," Williams said. They dropped the box. They damaged one car leaving – as they were spinning out they backed into another car that they didn't steal."

One new car and three used vehicles were taken in all. One of the vehicles was recovered in Atlanta, but it's badly damaged and can't be sold.

For the dealership this means inventory, and deals, are gone.

"One of the vehicles they got was a diesel truck, a Ram Cummins that someone from Florida was actually supposed to be picking up that day," Williams said. So not only that one deal, but you have all your sales people coming in trying to figure out where keys were that they had." 

Repairs have been made and round-the-clock security has been added to the lot.

If you know anything about the suspects, please call police.