Suspects Evade Police, Evacuation of Costco

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Three armed robbery suspects were able to avoid Morrow Police Monday, by slipping away from a Costco store moments before police evacuated it.

Morrow Police said they began getting reports of pedestrian armed robberies in the area of Mt. Zion Road late Monday morning. 

"He was lurking around the parking lot, put a gun to people, wanting their money," Morrow Police Captain James Callaway said. 

Police said the man targeted at least three different people, before they began tracking him.

Workers at the Costco say the first time they realized something was wrong, was when they heard the police helicopter over the store. Police said they were able to follow the suspect's car into the Costco parking lot.

Workers told police they saw the man, as well as two women who were in the car, walk into the store. That prompted the Clayton County SWAT Team to evacuate the store so they could search it. 

The search lasted more than 3 hours.

"But after an exhaustive search of Costco, using SWAT Team, infrared imaging and K9s, we can assure the public the store is clear," Callaway said.

But the suspects got away.

Police said they are not sure how the man managed to escape. But they said the women, who went in the store and did a little shopping, came out as police were arriving. They likely noticed officers around their car, and walked away.

However, police said the women used a Costco card. They hope that and other evidence they've been able to collect, will lead them to the suspects.