Suspects Brother Says Arrest is Shocking

The brother of the teen accused of killing a popular barber says he is shocked by his younger brother's arrest.

Fredrick Jones said his 16-year-old brother, Cameron Williams, was going to school every day and working at McDonald's.

"Very, very surprised. It's very surprising because I wouldn't expect nothing like that from him. I ain't never seen him act that certain type of way or give off that demeanor," Jones said from the family home in DeKalb County.

DeKalb police said Williams and 15-year-old Demonte Grant and 16-year-old Jermaine Grant are all seen on surveillance video at the Chevron gas station on Redan Road. FOX5 News has learned all three murder suspects were students at Towers High School. All three live with their parents in the well groomed subdivision of Pendley Hills.

Many FOX 5 viewers were outraged after reading Facebook posts supposedly written by Demonte and Jermaine's brother. The posts almost seemed to blame the victim for fighting back.

"You buck you get best in..its just like dat wit ANYBODY ME, YOU & EVERYBODY ELSE or this one, "She wanted to try 'em and she seen wat came out of it,"

Grant's father said Tuesday that he does not endorse the posts and even asked the young man, who is not related to the family, to take them down. Both the Grant and Williams families wanted us to convey their condolences.

"Hurt, for both sides. For him for doing it and her side too. I feel my condolences to her family. I feel very sorry for what happened. I know I can't take back what happened. It's just a bad situation," Jones concluded.