Suspect who carjacked DeKalb County employee at large

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Authorities in DeKalb Count were still searching for a gunman who police said shot a man and then carjacked a DeKalb County Watershed Management employee Wednesday morning.

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A spokesperson for the DeKalb County Police Department said the incident started along Beech Drive after three individuals got into a confrontation. Investigators said a man shot and wounded another man before a woman with the shooting victim shot back. Police said the original shooter then fled the scene.

"I'd just started work and heard a couple of gunshots, then a couple more louder gunshots, a couple of gunshots again which seemed odd, but couldn't tell you where it was coming from," said Justin, who works nearby and did not want to reveal his last name.

Investigators then said the gunman came across a DeKalb County Watershed employee.

"He showed his weapon to the employee and demanded the vehicle. The employee is unharmed. He gave up the vehicle," said Shiera Campbell, DeKalb County Police Department.

"Once I saw the flashing lights coming through the windows is when I came outside. I didn't see anything or realize it was this close when I heard the gunshots," said Justin.

A short time later, police said they found the stolen van parked in a subdivision. That’s when officers swarmed the area searching for the gunman.

"I'm working from home today. I was downstairs, my wife was running errands and texted me and said why is our driveway blocked off. There are police everywhere, there's a camera crew in our front yard so I ran upstairs to come to find out this is happening in our neighborhood. I’m a little bit in shock to tell you the truth," said resident Kelly Gaines.

Gaines said she did not hear anything and it is usually a quiet neighborhood.

Police brought in a K-9 to search the area, but with no luck.

"That makes me nervous to think there's an armed person, a suspect with a gun, carjackings this is a lot to take in," said Gaines.

Police have limited information on the alleged gunman only that he is believed to be in his 20s, is heavy set and was wearing a dark shirt with a green backpack at the time of the incident.

Anyone who has information regarding the shooting or carjacking is asked to call DeKalb County Police.

The name and condition of the victim have not yet been released.