Suspect luggage thief arrested at Atlanta's airport

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One luggage thief got into trouble after she got greedy.

That is a fair conclusion based on the facts of an Atlanta Police investigation.

The incident occurred inside the North Terminal baggage claim area at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

Sgt. John Chafee says Ruthie Cabine was allegedly in "no hurry" as she picked up bags, one at a time, and carried them over to a bench in the terminal.

She would wait, spot another bag, and do the same thing. The number she collected rose to a half a dozen.

Her activity stopped when a customer -- looking for his bag -- spotted the woman toting his piece of luggage to that bench.

The airline passenger walked over to Cabine to confront her, according to Chafee. It created a disturbance and the police were called.

Police found bag tags that clearly did not belong to Cabine.

She was taken to jail. Grabbing a bag at an airport is a felony, no matter the value.