Survey seeks Latino voter input in metro Atlanta

Just like a bridge creates a direct pathway, the Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials (GALEO) hopes to bring thousands of Latin American concerns straight to state lawmakers.

"The only way to know what will positively impact the Latino community is to learn what the communities want," GALEO Communications Director, Alba Villarreal said.

US Census data shows in the last decade, Georgia’s Latino community has grown nearly 32%. That’s a tremendous jump and outpaces the nationwide 23% Latino growth.

Thursday, GALEO volunteers camped out at the Mexican Consulate and a Roswell butcher shop.

"You can find us at supermarkets, carniceria," Villarreal said. "Eventually we’ll go door-to-door canvassing for individual opinions."

Their Black t-shirts reading "luchar, votar, poder" or fight, vote, power paint a clear picture of what they’ve set out to do.

"Our goal is to have a report ready for session in 2024 to dictate the legislative proposals we’d like to see in session."

Such research will also benefit tactics for the Presidential election.

GALEO will survey voters from now until November ahead of what’s expected to be another tense political season. They want 30,000 total responses, 10,000 of which will be done in person. The rest they expect will be completed online.

GALEO will share the recommendations with Gov. Brian Kemp and Georgia’s legislature because if no one asks what Latino voters want, or if they don’t say, people in power won’t know.

If you consider yourself a Latino voter— living in Georgia and would like to fill out the survey— click here