Survey: Philadelphia ranked 9th rudest city in America

The City of Brotherly Love was ranked the ninth rudest city in America, according to a new survey by Business Insider.

Nearly 10% of survey respondents said Philadelphia's residents were the rudest in the country.

The rankings were based on two online polls conducted in October and November 2019. American adults were asked to choose the five rudest cities from a list of America's 50 largest metro areas.

"Stereotypes — or sports rivalries — often color these assumptions," Business Insider wrote.


(Photo courtesy of Philadelphia Parks & Recreation Department)

"One thing Philadelphia is known for is its intense Eagles fans," Business Insider explained. "Over the years they've done some arguably rude things," citing the infamous Santa snowball incident of 1968 among others.

The top five rudest cities included, in reverse order, Boston, Chicago, D.C., Los Angeles and New York.


New York, Los Angeles, D.C., Chicago and Boston were ranked the five rudest cities in America.


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