Survey: 1 in 4 Americans willing to quit job post-pandemic for improved lifestyle

For months, millions of people have struggled to stay afloat without work during the pandemic. Are you willing to quit your job based off the potential of a better lifestyle?

A new study finds a quarter of Americans plan on looking for a new job when the pandemic ends to find an opportunity that supports their dream lifestyle. Prudential Financial's survey finds the power could soon be in applicants' hands, as more people say they're willing to quit their job to find one that supports the lifestyle they dream of.

That means employers may have to accommodate those demands. The survey suggests vacant openings could lead to companies fighting over talent.

Sean Simpson is ahead of that potential wave. He quit his job at an insurance agency almost exactly a year ago, as industries faced layoffs.

"It may be the right time it may not be the right time. Sometimes you've got to just go," he said.

Now, Simpson is part of a protégé program through Farmers insurance and will soon start his own insurance business that will revolve around his schedule.

"There's people out there that are doing great jobs for other companies and can barely get 3 or 4 days off in a row without someone above them looking at them sideways," he said. "It's like I've been working for five years, can I get some time to breathe?"

Simpson is one of what Prudential Financial estimates could be millions of Americans who will choose to take a risk for a better lifestyle.

The Fortune 500 Company just released survey results about the state of working Americans.

It reveals one in four people are willing to quit their job as soon as the pandemic ends.

Eighty percent of those willing to do so are concerned about career advancement. Others say the pandemic made them rethink their skills.

The extra, or unexpected vacant positions, could work in a job hunter's favor, Prudential says, as companies work to fill them.

That's welcome news for the adventurous employee, but Prudential Financial estimates companies that don't make meaningful adjustments to their environments could have a hard time filling vacancies.

Data from the Prudential survey indicates employers will have to offer better work-life balance, opportunities for advancement, or compensation to keep those workers.

Millennials make up the largest generation of the workforce and one-third of them say they'll look for a new job as soon as the pandemic is a thing of the past.

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