Surveillance video shows trio of teens break into Buckhead home

Video captured the moment three young teens were seen burglarizing a Buckhead rental property. 

The trio was caught on camera breaking into Michael Herndon’s rental home, which he is renovating in between tenants. The security cameras he set up had been cut off, so he went back through the feed to see what had happened. He did not believe what he saw. 

"Very confused. Everything had been knocked around. I was expecting a power outage or maybe a water leak, not a burglary," Herndon said. 

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Surveillance video shared by homeowner Michael Herndon shows three teens breaking into his Buckhead home.  (Supplied)

Herndon believes the young teens in the video are between the ages of 13 and 16. The camera picked them up as they entered his home. One seemed hesitant about the plan. 

"The kids kicked in the front door, came in, ransacked the rest of the house including the office," Herndon said. 

"We weren't really sure who had done anything, so seeing it being a couple of kids was a little bit of a relief, but also very frustrating," he added. 

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Homeowner Michael Herndon says nearly $2,000 in damage was caused by three teens who broke into his Buckhead rental home.  (FOX 5)

Herndon said they also broke into a patio door to get into a basement and got away with a laptop. He estimates the damages add up to around $2,000. '

Atlanta police say they are actively investigating the incident and reviewing the surveillance video to identify the suspects. Herndon is planning to offer a $5,000 reward for any information leading to their arrest. 

"I'd like to see them held accountable, I'd like to see them pay for the damages, but mostly I'd like to make sure that they don't continue on a path that isn't going to do them well." Herndon said. 

Anyone with information can call the Atlanta Police Department or Atlanta Crime Stoppers.