Supreme Court hears arguments in DACA case

One of the biggest cases of the year for the U.S. Supreme Court is now underway. The justices are hearing arguments on President Trump's decision to end DACA, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.

Thousands of people spent Tuesday outside the Supreme Court in Washington D.C. Among them, 26-year-old Raymond Partolan, who lives in Atlanta. He is one of at least a dozen people from Atlanta who braved the cold, wind, and rain to defend the lives they've built in this country.

“My parents came on a skilled worker visa... Contrary to common belief, I did not enter the United States illegally. That is one of the misconceptions that so many people believe about our undocumented community,” Partolan said.

He became an undocumented immigrant at age 10 when the government denied his family Green Card visas.

“If it were not for the DACA program, I wouldn’t be allowed to work,” Partolan said.

The Supreme Court will decide whether the Trump administration's move to reverse President Obama's executive order complies with federal law.

President Trump tweeted Tuesday: "Many of the people in DACA, no longer very young, are far from ‘angels.’ Some are very tough, hardened criminals. President Obama said he had no legal right to sign order, but would anyway. If Supreme Court remedies with overturn, a deal will be made with Dems for them to stay!”

“Our community will continue to fight until every one of us has the ability to stay and live here and work here legally in the United States,” Partolan said.

Polls show large majorities of Americans think DREAMers should be protected. If the Supreme Court rules in favor of the Trump administration, it might force Congress to act.

“The U.S. House of Representatives passed a permanent solution for pathway to citizenship sitting on Senator Mitch McConnell’s desk. Senate has yet to take it up,” said Partolan.

Partolan is in the process of applying to be a citizen but said because of the complex system, there is no guarantee he will be granted citizenship.

A decision on DACA is not expected until next summer.