Supporters march in Atlanta for transgender community

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Supporters of the transgender community marched in Atlanta on Saturday, and held a fundraiser. The march was a response to the recent news from the President on Twitter that he intends to bar transgender people from serving their country in the military.

The event was held on the corner of 10th and Piedmont, and is in support of the works of organizations such as Trans Housing Atlanta Program, Inc., Juxtaposed Center for Transformation, Inc.The Transgender Health Education Alliance and Transgender Individuals Living Their Truths.

There were a series of speakers, including John Ossoff, at the event.

A Go Fund Me campaign was created to raise $20K for local transgender supporting charities:

"We can no longer afford ignorance. Trans people are in a state of emergency fighting for our lives, dignity and existence. Although we are aware that this is a desperate attempt by this administration to distract our country from the three-ring circus-shenanigans going on in Washington, we must remain vigilant and take seriously yet another threat to our humanity," says Tracee McDaniel, Executive Director at Juxtaposed Center for Transformation, Inc.

"Atlanta has a strong network of organizations that have banded together to amplify and financially support the ATL trans community. We are all aware of the new battles they are facing recently and it's time that we all do what we can to come together and work together as a team to face these new threats. We need to do more than say we support. We need to know each other, we need to march together and we all need to donate," says James Brian Yancey, Founder of Rainbros.