Support for Villa Rica High School Coach and Players

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Friday night the focus for the Villa Rica Football team was on the game against South Paulding High School. But last month on their home field, many players and the coach were baptized. The video was recorded by the First Baptist Church of Villa Rica.

"The coach asked if he could do it on the field we did it after school when nothing was going on and the kids didn't have to be there so it was voluntary the whole thing so, you're saying it was not a school sanctioned event? At all the school had nothing to do with it," said Pastor Kevin Williams.

He also said the baptisms took place after a Christian based summer camp when the coach and players requested the spiritual dunkings.

Pastor Wiliams refrained from any visible support at the game but others were very visible with their support, inside and outside of stadium. A group of Christian bikers got lots of honks for their message.

"We're not here to cause any kind of trouble but we do want to show support for the boys we want to show support for the coaches, they stood for what they believed in," said the group leader known as coach.

The Wisconsin-based freedom from foundation maintains it's illegal for coaches to participate in religious activities with students including prayers and baptisms on school grounds.

But the Georgia lawmaker representing this district said that gathering brought together teens in a number of winning ways on and off the field.

"It was a joining of multiple races, you had African -American boys there, you had white boys there, you had Hispanic gentlemen there, and they were all unified under one belief," said Rep. Dustin Hightower.

An assistant superintendent at the game told FOX 5 News the investigation into the baptism incident should be completed by next week.