Super moms, super women, Super Bowl NFL Women's Summit

All of the sensational Super Bowl action isn't just for the guys, as we've seen over the last few days and if you missed the NFL Women's Summit you missed a treat. 

“It’s just so cool to feel the girl power here,” smiles twin sisters Veronica and Vanessa Merrell of the Merrell Twins YouTube Channel.

”If it’s not here on Super Bowl weekend in Houston, Texas then where is change going to start?” says Turning Green’s Erin Schrode as she's surrounded by a group of girls.

Talk about girl power.  Some pretty powerful girls dropped by sharing their stories. 

“I enjoyed Alexis the most.  She became big (successful) but still wasn’t happy and wasn’t feeling confident in herself.  I learned fame can’t make you happy,” explains 13-year-old Sydnie Harris.

”The one thing I want the girls to walk away with today is the belief that they are enough.  That are enough.  They do enough.  They have enough,” says Alexis Jones, founder of the non-profit "I Am That Girl".

"I still have that voice in my head that’s questioning am I sure I’m capable of this,” adds a woman speaking in a panel discussion on the stage.

”My husband is a Navy pilot and before he would be launched off a carrier he would have to tell himself 'I’m the best.  I’m the best.  I’m the best’ and this is a man who fights combat missions.  So we all feel that way sometimes,” explains Astronaut Tracy Caldwell Dyson.

A few gymnastic Olympians, like Houston's own Simone Biles, are encouraging girls to leap life's obstacles and even in tough times don’t lose your joy.  ”I was born happy.  I wake up with a smile on my face,” smiles Biles. And they’re reminding us the importance of choosing a career we're passionate about.

”If you hate what you do you’re not going to enjoy it but if you love what you do you’re going to feel good,” smiles Gabby Douglas and one big message the gymnasts gave at the women’s summit is to not only make plans for the destination but to enjoy the journey as you achieve your goals.

”There are hard days but those are what make you stronger and those hard days make the good days that much more fun,” adds Aly Raisman.

Head of NFL security Cathy Lanier knows about tough times.  She dropped out of school when she was 14 years old and pregnant but her story doesn't end there. 

”In 2007 I completed my  second masters degree and the incoming mayor asked me if I would be interested in taking over as the chief of police in Washington DC,” explains Lanier and the rest is history.

”It feels so amazing to find people with stories that are really inspiring,” smiles 13-year-old Saige McCann.

”Women as a gender we are really under appreciated.  We think we have to do everything perfectly in order to be treated as an equal but we’re really just amazing the way we are,” adds 13-year-old Taylor Goston.