Super Bowl LVII: Phoenix area restaurants get ready for big weekend

As Super Bowl 57 gets closer and closer, restaurants in the West Valley are throwing out all the stops for the many people who will visit the state for some football action.

According to officials with the Arizona Restaurant Association, the big game is already bringing a big boost to local businesses.

"We're doing really well right now," said Justin Piazza with La Piazza. "It's a rollercoaster ride."

Piazza says he, along with other local pizza makers, will be tossing plenty of dough ahead of the big game. The game will be played just two miles down the road from Piazza's restaurant. On game day, Piazza will be dishing out pizzas from inside the stadium.

"We'll be over there, representing and making pizzas with the best local pizza talent in Arizona," said Piazza.

Steve Chucri, President and CEO of the Arizona Restaurant Association, says the industry scores big during the Super Bowl.

Probably one for the best things that could happen, especially as our economy is softening here in Arizona and across the country," said Chucri.

Many Fortune 500 companies are buying out restaurants for the night, and some even for the whole weekend.

"You can buy out a restaurant, literally, and every restaurant has a different price, given their capacity issues, but we could use that certainly coming out of COVID," said Chucri.

In 2020, Chucri said many restaurants found ways to make their ordering and reservations systems more effective, and that is ideal for handling the high demand that is expected from Super Bowl.

"That allow us to seat people in a timely way, so we don't have folks gathering in our lobbies," said Chucri.