Super Bowl LI security with two legs, four legs

In just a few days, U.S. Marshal Gary Blankinship will be swearing in more than 60 human officers and K9 officers as well.

"The people we are swearing in are explosive detective K9 units who are coming in to assist with Super Bowl operation", says U.S. Marshal Blankinship.

These officers are from throughout the U.S. and the world, from California to New York, even Guam.

"They are officers from local police departments, they are officers from local sheriff’s departments who do not have authority outside their jurisdiction, so when we bring them in to assist, we specially deputize them under Federal powers, under the authority of the United States Marshal Services," says U.S. Marshal Blankinship.

The group will assist in bomb detection but also with general security.

"I mean we could walk through a room and look all over the room and there's no way we could find it," says deputy U.S. Marshal and K9 handler Shannon Nash. "Dogs walk in a room and they will find it in a moment."

Dozens of agencies will be working together for Super Bowl LI, from officers on the streets to those at larger sanctioned events.

"Security is really important to us so it's really a team effort no one agency can do this alone, just on the scope and scale, this is a huge event over a ten-day period so that's why here at the emergency operation center, we'll be having, federal partners, state partners, local partners," says Francisco Sanchez, spokesman for the Harris County Office of Homeland Security

"The whole goal is to make sure that everyone that attends it, attends it safely, goes home safely and that we have no major incidents here,” says U.S. Marshal Blankinship.