Super Bowl brings super opportunities for local designers

The Super Bowl means major opportunities for Houston businesses.  Just ask a group of local designers who know firsthand. 

You’ll find them inside LAUNCH Boutique where you are truly in for a treat. 

“This is definitely one of my favorite pieces,” jewelry designer Brenda Granados says as she shows us an amazing choker that can be dressed up or down.

“I want to go on vacation and wear this dress.  It's so beautiful,” I tell photographer Darlene Janek Faires about an amazing floor sweeping maxi as we prepare to interview the designer Onyii Brown.

In addition to divine designs at LAUNCH, the designers are pretty fabulous themselves.  ”I put my drawings onto different products like coffee mugs, T-shirts, i-Phone cases,” smiles unbelievable illustrator Rong Rong Devoe.

”My most popular is the Jesse bag which is named after my father,” explains Kisa Williams.

“The message for my latest collection is I'm brave, strong, worthy and loved,” adds Granados.

”Come in and hear their stories and that will make your purchase even more special,” smiles LAUNCH owner Sydney Dao.

“I started three years ago at my kitchen table.  My husband lost his job and I didn't know what I was going to do.  I was a stay at home mom after I left real estate,” says Onyii Brown, Founder of Onyii & Co.  All twelve designers featured at LAUNCH are from Houston.

”As a local designer I do a lot of pop shops but here and there.  It's never a wider audience like this,” says Devoe.

“When I was approached with the opportunity to build the store for the designers all I thought about was I'm going to get to make some people's dream come true,” smiles Dao.

Just how big is this opportunity?  ”Oh my gosh Damali where do I begin?” laughs Kisa Williams of Kisa Kisa Handbags.  Williams was born with sickle cell anemia, a disease that took her sister at just 32 years old.

”The life expectancy for a woman with the disease is 42.  I’m well over 42 so I'm doing something right.  I feel very blessed,” adds Williams.

“I worked in Shanghai before I moved to the United States.  I designed video games for American video companies but my heart was always for fashion.  This is my 2017 calendar.  This is the month of April and of course it's Easter and July,” Devoe shows us as she displays an amazing calendar featuring fabulous illustrations of super fashionable ladies. 

“I want to be her and I want to be friends with them,” I smile pointing out the fashionistas featured in the calendar. And even better?  At the end of the year you can cut off the bottom of the calendar, frame your original Rong Rong print and create a home gallery.

”Super bowl is a great opportunity.  We're so glad to be here,” smiles Granados.  LAUNCH is located on the corner of capitol and Avenidas de las Americas where Brown shows us a magnificent crisp white wide-leg open back jumpsuit. “Brides can wear this” she explains as she then takes a super dreamy linen romper off the rack.  ”I was really inspired by Japanese culture and the kimono.  So I made the sleeves wide,” Brown explains.

Remember this is a pop up shop just for the Super Bowl.  So you have a limited time to support the designers.

“Launch will be here only through February 26th but if you guys come out and support us there might be a chance for us to be here a little longer,” smiles Dao.