Students, teachers create 500 'candy kits' for local law enforcement

All morning, we heard stories from the classroom of people and kids saying they wanted to do something sweet and simple for law enforcement.  Senior Pastor Jeff Shanks, of St. John School and Church said,  "Just a tangible way to let them know how much we do care about them."

This week, teachers, parents and students at Ocala's St John Church and school made 500  "survival kits" for men and women in uniform. In the wake of recent national events targeting law enforcement.

Inside the bags are a handful of candy, each with a special meaning explained. Life savers, "because you do it on a daily basis." Mounds..."because you have heaps of courage,” in example.

"Our country would not be stable without our law enforcement," explained Tanner Kana, 13, who is starting 8th grade soon.

Kana and his 10-year-old sister, Amara, helped put the kits together.

"I think it's amazing," Amara Kana explained.

Outside of the candy in each bag, inside, there's also a small note of appreciation.

Sr. Pastor Jeff Shanks explained, "That we support them. We pray for them. We honor them."

Hundreds of those bags came to the Marion County Sheriff's Office.

Representatives with Ocala Police, and Florida Highway Patrol, said they appreciate the kits they got,  too.

Lieutenant Brian Young, with the Ocala Police Department, said, “Any support we get from the public, especially with everything that’s been going on as of late is certainly appreciated.”

Captain William Tierney, with Troop B of the Florida Highway Patrol added, “It’s nice that the communities are taking the time out to show their thanks to law enforcement, including the Florida Highway Patrol.”

It means a lot to people like 23-year-old Marion County Corrections Officer, Richard Truman.

Truman said, "This is what we need to uplift our spirits. Especially now, our moral is very low. This is what we need!"

A survival kit of candy, with special meaning.

"Thank you so much!” Truman said with a smile. “It means a lot"