Students celebrate beloved retiring Georgia school custodian

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A special send-off Friday for a man who's impacted thousands of children in Carroll County. Mr. John Deer Lockett has been the long-time custodian at Sand Hill Elementary School in Carrollton. Friday, students, teachers and administrators joined to celebrate his last day.

He doesn't always wear a crown and cape, but he's a lot like a superhero to the young learners at Sand Hill Elementary.

On his last day at school, it was declared to be “Mr. John Day.” It was an opportunity for the students and staff to say goodbye and thank you.

“Because he is so special. He's a humble man, he's a great role model for our children. He's such a hard worker. He's at work every day no matter how bad he feels with a smile on his face ready to serve our students,” Principal Tawna Meigs said.

The 83-year old custodian recently suffered some health setbacks, but still, his priority remained the students.

“He had begun to get very sick. One, while I didn’t think he was gonna come back to the school but he just kept saying ‘Lord, let me make it. I know I can do it,’” his wife Annie Julia Lockett said.

“I tried to get him to retire at Christmas, but he told me he wanted to wait and go out with the kids at the end of the school year,” the principal said.

Now, with his retirement, he's turning his focus to another special child.

“We have our great-grandson who is so in love with his papa,” his wife said.

And, of course, spending time with his beautiful bride of 25 years.

He will certainly be missed.