Student taken into police custody after bringing gun onto school property, superintendent says

A Jackson High School student could be in serious trouble.

Butts County administrators said the teen was taken into police custody after having a gun on school property.

Superintendent Dr. Todd Simpson said the action "is unacceptable".

He talked with FOX 5 News's Brian Hill about the consequences of the student's actions.

"There's a process that we have to work through in terms of arriving at a disciplinary consequence but an incident like this is also a violation of the law," Simpson explained.

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Even though the investigation is on-going, we're told the student will not return to campus.

Dr. Simpson told FOX 5 on Monday another student alerted administrators to a social media post showing the teen with a handgun.

"That creates an unsafe environment for everyone," the Superintendent explained.

We're told the picture posted online was taken on a school bus Monday afternoon.

"I can't thank our sheriff's office enough for working so closely with us and we went to work last night, yesterday evening late, overnight, and had the situation resolved in a short period of time," he detailed.

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Deputies found the gun and took the teen into custody.

They haven't said what charges the student could face.

The superintendent said no one was threatened with the firearm.

"We had a student who came forward and allowed us to act very quickly," Simpson explained.

He said nothing like this has happened in quite a while.

He said this incident highlights the importance of their “see something, say something” message to students.