String of storage unit burglaries

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If you store some of your valuables at one of the commercial storage locations, police want you to go check your unit. It just may be your items are no longer there, according to Atlanta Police.

Authorities say a ring has been operating in Buckhead and elsewhere, getting into units. And the thieves take their time selecting whatever they want.

Since these storage companies operate 24 hours a day, surveillance video shows the suspects were in no hurry as they carried items to a U-Haul. And those stolen items included two motorcycles from one location.

Police say the clever thieves would purchase a unit, giving them legal access to a location.

Once inside they could then use bolt cutters to remove your lock. After they took as much as they wanted, the suspects would then put a new lock on making it appear that nothing had been tampered with.

Charged in the case are so-called ringleader Randall Brown, Jason Keenan, Eduardo Solis, and Julia Title. Investigators say they are looking for a fifth individual Roberto Solis.