Famous 'Stranger Things' house for sale in Georgia

"Stranger Things" fans, get ready to open up that curiosity door. With $300,000, one of the famous homes from the hit Netflix original series could be yours.

On Sept. 19, EXP Realty, LLC. listed Will Byers' house from the show on Zillow. It turns out the home isn't in the fictional Hawkins, Indiana, after all. The key to the Upside Down is actually located at 149 Coastline Road in Fayetteville.

"Ever watched Stranger Things on Netflix?... Are you fan?... THIS is the original Byers house! That's right the home of Will, Joyce, and Jonathan Byers, just on the outskirts of the fictional town ‘Hawkins’," Michael Smith from EXP Realty, LLC wrote in the listing.

The listing agent mentioned the three-bedroom, two-bathroom home would need a full makeover as it will be sold "as-is." He included photos of the famous alphabet, Christmas light wall that Joyce made to communicate with Will. But another photo of the same room from a different angle shows it may have already been painted over.

Another warning states that potential buyers could have issues with trespassers. 

"Since the show was aired fans have traveled far and wide, almost daily, just to drive by and get a picture. So much so that the owners had to put up a driveway barricade and "Private Property" signs just to keep people from trespassing," said Smith.

So, if you ever wanted to live in one of the "Stranger Things" homes, it looks like now is your chance.

Smith has just one requirement. He said scheduling a tour with a listing agent, or through your own, is mandatory.

Oh, and one more thing:

"Do not feed the Demagorgon!!"