State rests case against Tiffany Moss in murder trial

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The state rested its case Friday, and the defense did not call a single witness in the death penalty case of Tiffany Moss.

The mother of two and her husband, Eman Moss, are accused of starving Emani Moss to death, then dousing her body with an accelerant and setting it on fire outside their Gwinnett County apartment back in 2013. 

The death penalty trial only took three days because the defendant, Tiffany Moss, put up no defense and did not question one witness.

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Just before lunch Friday, she asked for an ex-parte hearing, without prosecutors and the media. The judge granted that request late Friday afternoon after the jury had already been sent home. 

Gwinnett Superior Judge George Hutchinson III said after the less-than-15-minute ex-parte hearing: "I have taken no action as a result of the ex-parte hearing. Let's move on to the charge conference."

Moss has two attorneys on standby from the Capital Defenders Office who were assisting her with the hearing. 

Closing arguments are expected Monday in the starvation case. 

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