State: Child left unintentionally in closet at Forsyth County daycare

A state childcare agency backed up a father's claims that his little boy wound up locked in a closet at a Forsyth County daycare.

It happened at Discovery Point. The accident was captured on a facility camera. The boy followed a staffer inside a supply closet. She appeared unaware and locked the closet behind her. A second staffer then started to go inside the same closet, unlocked it, but becomes distracted. The boy was left inside for approximately 9 minutes.

The boy was apparently frozen by fear and comes out when he hears his father talking once he arrived for pick-up.

The state agency said the boy had vomited and was covered in perspiration.

Hows King is the owner. He said the state was justified in citing his facility. King said he has made physical changes and has met with all staff to ensure this type of thing will never happen again.