Stampede injures concert-goers at A3C Music Festival

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Several festival attendees were taken to the hospital after a panic broke out at the A3C Music Festival in downtown Atlanta Sunday night.

Atlanta Police told FOX 5 a fight broke out during headliner Lil Wayne's performance at the Georgia Freight Depot. Investigators said someone shouted out something about a gun or possibility shots being fired and that caused the estimated 2,500 people at the outdoor concert to panic and run for cover.  Police described the scene as a "stampede."

At least a dozen people suffered minor injuries, such as cuts, bruises, and twisted ankles. Police said many of those injuries took place when concert-goers tried to hop a six-foot metal fence.  Paramedics ended up taking six people to the hospital. 

Atlanta Police said they never found a gun and told us no shots were actually fired. Officers also didn't make any arrests in connection with the disturbance.

Lil Wayne's show was canceled after only a few songs. Promoters tweeted out a statement calling the chaotic scene "a very unfortunate way to end what had been an otherwise amazing weekend of music, friendship, and connections." Lil Wayne also tweeted out his hope that everyone at the festival was ok.

The A3C is a two-day hip-hop festival, proceeded by three days of speakers representing the music industry and politics.