St. Jude Shop in Havertown Designs Holy Items For Pope Francis

The St. Jude Shop in Havertown isn't just a place to get a communion dress, or religious items. They're designing for the Pope!

They've created thousands of items, and you may not realize this is the 3rd papal visit they've worked on.

Fox29 Weekend anchor Karen Hepp gave us a sneak peek at what you'll see when the Holy Father makes his way into town.  

It's been hopping at the St. Jude shop in Havertown. Folks snag up all the traditional items, like rosary's, pins, magnets and flags, but the biggest seller for this papal visit, is the bobblehead!

Louis DiCocco's family opened the St. Jude shop 50 years ago, this is their 3rd time helping for a papal visit. 

They made the chair Pope Benedict sat in back in 2008, and also the chair for pope John Paul II's visit.

They treasure a photo that shows a young Louis with his mom Nancy. The family's mission is to inspire faith.

"We're bringing items to people so they can create a chapel in their heart," Louis explained.

The St. Jude shop doesn't just sell Catholic tchotchkes; they get commissions to design and build anything holy.